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Spider-Man tokens: How to get them and what they do

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Circuit Projects involve guiding voltage to an endpoint by choosing from a selection of micro cables while hitting a target voltage number in the process. Completing all puzzles will give you a bonus 200 XP and 4x Research Tokens. You may have to use multiple fragments depending on the thickness of the original pattern’s lines. A good way to obtain Research Tokens is by completing the puzzles in Octavius Labs. While only a few will provide Tokens, completing both puzzle types will give you 4 Tokens each. Research Stations are simple enough – they’re marked on the map with a purple magniscope icon and, when interacted with, give you a short task like swinging through clouds of smog to collect data on pollution.

  1. Head there to open it and the mysterious Taskmaster will set you challenges across the city.
  2. Eventually one will appear, and you’ll need to then chase it through the air as fast as you can, and catch it (by pressing L1 and R1 when prompted) to earn a Research Token and return it to Howard safely.
  3. Instead, you’ll need to start unlocking and activating Surveillance Towers, which will start to unlock new Research Station tasks.
  4. Research Tokens in Spider-Man Remastered can be obtained by solving puzzles, completing Research Stations, and catching pigeons.
  5. The last way to earn Research Tokens in Marvel’s Spider-Man is to start the side mission “Helping Howard” when it becomes available.

This will noted in the in-game map as well as in a pop-up dialog box when approaching the station. Once you’ve unlocked a Surveillance Tower, you should be able to find the Research Stations in that district by simply looking at your map. Keep in mind that some of these tasks and objectives will be easy, while others may require more work on your part. Once you complete the main quest “Harry’s Passion Project”, you’ll also unlock Research Stations across the city marked with a microscope icon; complete the challenges located at each to get more tokens.

Spider-Man Research Tokens, Research Stations and catching Pigeons explained

Instead, you’ll need to start unlocking and activating Surveillance Towers, which will start to unlock new Research Station tasks. Challenge Tokens are the last to unlock in the game and you’ll have to wait until after you find Standish in the main story. Yuri will contact you about a mysterious box on a rooftop in Hell’s Kitchen.

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Sean’s first PC games were Full Throttle and Total Annihilation and his taste has stayed much the same since. When not scouring games for secrets or bashing his head against puzzles, you’ll find him revisiting old Total War campaigns, agonizing over his Destiny 2 fit, or still trying to finish the Horus Heresy. Sean has also written for EDGE, Eurogamer, PCGamesN, Wireframe, EGMNOW, and Inverse. You get Base Tokens by taking down criminal strongholds, fighting through wave after wave of enemies. You unlock your first early on when you visit the Fisk Construction Site as part of the main quest, but later you’ll also be able to take down Demon Warehouses, as well as Sable Outposts and Prisoner Camps. Head over to Howard at the Sidequest icon for his mission, and after a brief chat he’ll explain that he’s lost a load of his pet pigeons, thanks to being cruelly evicted from his home.

There’s no easy win for earning Research Tokens quickly, unfortunately, but some methods are faster than others. You can use Research Tokens to both buy new Suits that you’ve unlocked, and buy upgrades for Spidey in the form of Suit Mods, Gadgets, and Gadget upgrades. Research Tokens, earned from completing Research Stations, are one of several key resources in Spider-Man.

Head there to open it and the mysterious Taskmaster will set you challenges across the city. These range from stealth, to disarming bombs, to fighting enemies, and your performance will determine how many Challenge Tokens you earn. Later in the story, Taskmaster will contact you again and unlock even more challenges. Finding Research Stations is easy — once a given district’s tower has been activated, they’ll simply appear on the minimap and in-game map.

Some Research Stations task Spider-Man with finding the source of mysterious toxic substances, while others will have him identifying said substances, tracking down drones, and more. There’s really a large variety of different objectives to be found, which is great news for players fond of the occasional minigame. And, unlike how to become a blockchain developer a comprehensive step-by-step guide with other Tokens, players earn one Research Token for locating the Research Station and two more for completing its objective — there are no bonus objectives here. However, unlike most of the other challenges in the game, some Research Stations have skill requirements that must be met before the challenge can be tackled.

Actually earning Research Tokens will take some effort, however, as different Research Stations offer up a variety of different objectives and challenges. The last way to earn Research Tokens in Marvel’s Spider-Man is to start the side mission “Helping Howard” when it becomes available. Look for the pigeon icons on the map, and when you get close to them be prepared to chase the pigeon down before grabbing with by pressing and holding both shoulder buttons.

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The first way to get Research Tokens in Marvel’s Spider-Man is to open Research Centres and complete their missions. These become available fairly early on into Marvel’s Spider-Man‘s story and have purple icons on the map that look like satellites. Their missions will have you doing things like collecting pollution samples and other scientific activities. There are many of these dotted around New York city, and they each award a decent number of tokens. It shouldn’t take long to spot a red triangle with an exclamation mark on your minimap or your hud; these are crimes.

Research Tokens in Spider-Man Remastered can be obtained by solving puzzles, completing Research Stations, and catching pigeons. Read on to learn the solutions to all the puzzles, and how to unlock ways to get Research Tokens. You can then use these to purchase one of many Spider-Man suits, craft mods with powerful abilities, or build gadgets that’ll give you an edge in combat. Spider-Man tokens are the most important currency in the game, split into six types you can earn by completing a wide range of activities as you swing your way around New York.

Circuit Projects

Kevin Tucker is a core component of Shacknews’ powerful guide development team. For questions, concerns, tips, or to share constructive criticism, he can be reached on Twitter @dukeofgnar or through e-mail at All you need to know about Research Tokens in Spider-Man, and some tips for earning them quickly. In Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4, there are many upgrades you can craft – from Suits to Gadgets, mods and more. In order to make these, you’ll need an assortment of different Tokens to get the job done.

Whether you want to hunt down collectible backpacks, snap some tourist shots, or beat the hell out of baddies, you can earn tokens for doing pretty much anything. Along with Crime Tokens, Research Tokens are among the most common and frequently required collectibles in Marvel’s Spider-Man. As may be divined through reading the name, Research Tokens correspond to various investigative tasks, most specifically by completing objectives bitcoin backs off record high on reports of india crypto ban offered up by Research Stations scattered around the city. After completing the mission Harry’s Passion Project, several markers showing Research Stations will pop up on your map, with a total of 17. These will consist of a variety of activities, ranging from swinging through smog, clearing toxic waste, and destroying faulty regulators. These are found in Octavius Labs, on a tablet on the desk just ahead of you as you enter.

These are the circuit-based puzzles that you’ll have encountered a few times already, that require you to get the current from one end of the board to the next with the right level of charge. One particular Token, Research Tokens, will allow you to unlock new suits, gadgets and more, and we’ll show you everything you need to know to get more Research Tokens in Marvel’s Spider-Man. Players just starting the game won’t actually have access to Research Stations. With that said, they unlock shortly into the game’s first act, meaning it shouldn’t take too long after activating nearby Surveillance Towers before players can start to take on Research Station challenges. As for Pigeon hunting, we recommend you unlock this one as soon as the Helping Howard sidequest appears on the map – fairly early on during your progression during the story, so keep checking between missions!

The first is to complete circuit puzzles and spectrographs in Octavius Labs. More of these unlock each time you return during the main quest, and if you complete all ten you get a Research Token bonus. You’ll earn Research Tokens by completing different investigative objectives located throughout all of Manhattan. These objectives will mostly be offered to you as additional tasks when you start to unlock Research Stations, though you won’t be able to dive into these directly at the start of the game.

The crimes you’ll encounter in New York range from kidnapping, to robbery, to vehicle theft, and more will unlock as the story progresses, such as Sable ambushes. To get one of these tokens, head to any Landmark indicated on your map by the little building symbol, bring up your camera, and take a picture of it. You’ll know you’re in the right spot as the camera’s aiming reticule will say “subject in-frame”. There are also Secret Photo Ops that cryptocurrency wallet guide for beginners require you to take pictures of 50 hidden spots across New York, but these unlock the ESU suit instead of awarding tokens. Players shouldn’t have too much trouble earning Research Tokens in Marvel’s Spider-Man, and the act of earning them provides a nice distraction from the usual high-stakes combat. Plus, earning Research Points early is a good way to make sure that new suits and gadgets can be purchased the moment they’ve been unlocked.

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